Audience Targeting

  • Identify and buy the audience that you want on the sites that you want with confidence that they will deliver.
  • Create custom audience segments for better targeting.


  • Setup campaigns across all major exchanges and social media networks on the same media plan.
  • Easily optimize to the best performing tactic.
  • Leverage data science to deliver personalize content to right audience at right time.


  • See exactly what the inventory, targeting, and data is performing best.
  • Get real-time insights using sophisticated data engineering process.

Media Plan Generator

Powered by the Hybrid Engine


Advertising technology should make your life easier, not harder. The Media Plan Generator (MPG) tool enables buyers customized media planning recommendations across the wide host of C1X premium publishers and formats. Using data-science, media plans are produced based on media buyers branding and/or direct response goals, with optimized budget and impression distribution across direct publisher sites, private market places, and exchanges.




Audience Discovery

Whether the goal is reach or conversions, knowing where and when to touch your target is key. Audience Discovery helps marketers review options to reach their target audience on premium sites. The C1X Forecast feature lets the buyer know how much of their audience can be touched in a specified timeframe guaranteed by first look header bidding. It's Audience. Guaranteed.